The St. Olav way
From Oslo to Trondheim

English Language edition



Vertaalde en geüpdate versie van: Het Olavspad, © 2021
Editie: eerste druk in Engels, © 2024
Uitgeverij: Op Vrije Voeten, Amsterdam
Title: Gudbrandsdalsleden
Subtitel: The St. Olav Way from Oslo to Trondheim. Walking guide for the pilgrims' way to Nidaros in Norway
Autheur: Ria Warmerdam
Vertaler: Margriet Visser - Slofstra
Inhoud: 216 pages, full colour, pictures and maps
ISBN: 978-90-822510-6-7
Gewicht: 315 gr.
Prijs: € 27,90


Hiking guide for the pilgrimage route to Nidaros. Now in English! A full description of the route between Oslo and Trondheim.

Whoever embarks on the 643-kilometer pilgrimage route from Oslo to Trondheim follows in the footsteps of the medieval pilgrims who made their way to the tomb of Saint Olav. Nidaros, the ancient name of Trondheim, was one of the four most important pilgrimage sites of the Middle Ages, along with Santiago de Compostela, Rome and Jerusalem. Since 1997, this route has been made accessible again for today's hikers. The popularity of the Olav’s way is growing, but compared to the route to Santiago, it is an oasis of tranquillity.

The path crosses the entire 'drop' of Norway, a land full of pure air and endless nature. The hiker walks through farmland, alongside Norway's largest lake, through the wooded Gudbrandsdal which gets higher and narrower, crosses the rugged Dovrefjell plateau and descends to the Trondheimfjord and Nidaros Cathedral. This guide for the Olav’s way is in full color, richly illustrated and contains:

  • Described stages (including the western route)
  • Maps of the entire route (1 : 50,000)
  • Elevation profiles
  • Background stories
  • Listing of accommodations, shops cafés and restaurants
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