The St. Olav Way
from Oslo to Trondheim
Cycling guide for the pilgrims' way to Nidaros in Norway

English Language Edition




Cycling guide for the pilgrimage route to Nidaros. Now in English! A full description of the route between Oslo and Trondheim. Published in a format that fits in a bike handlebar bag or in a map sleeve on top. It is spiral bound, so pages can flip over easy. This bicycle guide is in full colour, richly illustrated and contains:

  • Seven stage descriptions, subdivided in smaller sections
  • Three extra cycle routes
  • Maps for the entire route (1:50,000 and 1:75,000)
  • City maps (1:25,000)
  • Elevation profiles
  • Background information
  • Information on accommodations, bike repair shops, supermarkets, and places to eat
  • All the necessary information to plan the route to one’s own preferences

Translated and updated from: Het Olavspad, © 2021
Edition: First edition in English, © 2024
Publisher: Via Gaia, Ter Heijde
Title: Gudbrandsdalsleden
Subtitle: The St. Olav Way from Oslo to Trondheim. Cycling guide for the pilgrims' way to Nidaros in Norway
Author: Gea van Veen
Translator: Margriet Visser - Slofstra
Content: 186 pages, full colour, pictures and maps
ISBN: 978-90-831026-2-7
Weight: 271 gr
Price: € 27,95

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Cycle over six hundred kilometres in the footsteps of medieval pilgrims, from Oslo to Trondheim, and discover a Scandinavian camino.

In the Middle Ages, pilgrimages were a form of mass tourism and Trondheim in Norway was a pilgrim destination as important as Santiago, Rome and Jerusalem. Pilgrims walked to St. Olav’s grave in Nidaros, the old name for Trondheim. Various routes have been re-opened for the modern (walking) pilgrim, but without the mass tourism one experiences on other routes. From one of these routes, Gea van Veen has now created a cycle route: Gudbrandsdalsleden, from Oslo to Trondheim. This route is growing in popularity but compared to the route to Santiago de Compostela, it is a haven of peace and quiet.

The route traverses Norway, a country of pure air and endless nature. You cycle through farmland, along Norway’s largest lake, and through the wooded Gudbrandsdalen, where the hills get steeper and the valleys narrower. You then travel over the enchanting, rugged Dovrefjell plateau and finally descend onto the Trondheimfjorden to reach your final destination, Nidaros Cathedral.
The Gudbrandsdalsleden is an independent route, but also part of the series In the Footsteps of Saint Olav. This series consists of 5 routes in Norway and Sweden, all of which can be combined.

(See also: In the footsteps of the Holy Olav.)

Detailed description
Go to Cycling routes -> Gudbrandsdalsleden for a detailed description, photos, practical tips and information.


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