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veerbootkristiansand3Sneak Preview! I am very happy to announce the up-coming release of a new cycling guide: Gudbrandsdalsleden, the English translation of Het Olavspad. A cycling guide for the pilgrims' way to Nidaros (Trondheim) in Norway. But there is more...

veerbootkristiansand3Holland Norway Lines has applied for suspension of payments from the court

Holland Norway Lines BV (HNL) applied for a suspension of payments in court this morning.

schermafbeelding 2023 08 10 om 08.42.06Herewith some useful sites for the current situation in Norway. All in Norwegian, but you can use a translation app.

kristiansroute0The bicycle guide of the Kristians Route is published!

After an unclear release date ("around 1 May", "no, week later", "no, maybe this week anyway"), completely unexpectedly it arrived yesterday after all.

KristiansrouteThe 'connection route'
from Kristiansand to Oslo
has a name!


fietsvakantiepodcast265Listen to 'Het St. Olavspad Op Twee Wielen'.
I was interviewed (in Dutch) by Henrik Kos when I was in a pelgrims hostel in Ringebu (Gildesvollen).
You can listen to the podcast here: Het St.Olavspad Op Twee Wielen (in Dutch).

Via GaiaFor the fourth consecutive year I am working on new cycling routes in Scandinavia. This year I hope to finish the bicycle route on the trail of the holy Olav.

tekening maaike van halMaaike Visuals draws during the Olav's way presentation.

facebook groepBecome a member of the new Facebook group!

fietsvakantiepodcast265Listen to 'St. Olav spoort verder in Zweden'
I was interviewed (in Dutch) by Henrik Kos on a camping in Sweden. Henrik Kos himself was cycling in Italy.
You can listen to the podcast here (first 15 minutes):  St. Olav spoort verder in Zweden. (in Dutch)

gids in doos265Hooray! 🎉🥳🥂 Het Olavspad is published!

The Dutch bicycle guide ‘Het Olavspad’ is published and how special this feels!! Even my pen is speechless: “……..”

olavspadnoorwegen"A journey becomes a pilgrimage as we discover, day by day, that the distance traveled is less important than the experience gained." - Ernest Kurtz

On May 12th the Dutch bicycle guide will be published about the pilgrim route from Oslo to Trondheim: Het Olavspad (The St. Olavs Way).

fietsvakantiepodcast265Listen to 'Pelgrimeren op twee wielen'

On  april 7th 2021 I was interviewed by Henrik Kos of the 'Fietsvakantie Podcast' (Cycling holiday Podcast). Here you can listen (in Dutch!) to the episode 'Pelgrimeren Op Twee Wielen'. The podcast interview covers both holiday cycling in general and The Olav's Way specifically.