st olavspadSt. Olav's way
S:t Olavsleden Sweden
From Selånger to Trondheim.




The St. Olav's way through Sweden (S:t Olavsleden), is a Scandinavian 'coast to coast' of 593 kilometers. A pilgrimage in the footsteps of Saint Olav. Please note: this guide is in Dutch.

Nidaros, the old name of Trondheim, was one of the four most important pilgrimage sites of the Middle Ages, along with Santiago de Compostela, Rome and Jerusalem. The route through Sweden has been made accessible for today’s pilgrims since 2013. The route not only follows the ancient travel and trade routes between Sweden and Norway, but also the last war path of Olav, a Viking warrior turned christian who, after exile, was determined to rule Norway as a King.

On the way to his grave in Trondheim, you will walk through the idyllic Swedish countryside, through deep forests, alongside wide rivers and calm lakes to the Scandinavian highlands, through the mountains of Norway and down to the Trondheimfjord and the Cathedral of Nidaros.

This first Dutch guide of the Swedish St. Olav’s way contains:

  • 29 described stages
  • Maps of the entire route (1 : 50,000), including Ytrre-leden
  • Elevation profiles
  • Background stories
  • Listing of accommodations, shops cafés and restaurants
  • All information to organize the hike according to your own preferences
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