overzichtskaartkristiansrouteFrom April 2022 there is a new ferry service running between Eemshaven to Kristiansand. At the moment there's work done on a connecting route from Kristiansand to Oslo, the starting point of The Olav's way.

The Kristiansroute is a wonderful route from Kristiansand, along a shallow water coastline of south-east Norway (the "Norwegian Riviera"), to Oslo. You pass beautiful sand beaches and impressive fjords, picturesque fishermen villages with charming white house. This region is known as the 'smiling south' with the most sun hours of whole Norway.

The route follows the North Sea Cycle Route, the old E18 and two pilgrims paths, Borgleden en Tunsbergleden among other things.
Those who arrive by ferry in  Langesund, Larvik or Sandefjord can pick up the appropriate route from there.

From Horten, after 333 km, the route is split in two branches which connect to The St. Olav's Way Het Olavspad

  • From Horten to Oslo, along the west side of the Oslofjord (118 km)
  • From Horten to Oslo, along the east side of the Oslofjord (76 km)

The (Dutch) guide will be published in June 2023.

larvik camping

Photo: Larvik, summer 2021

The name

In medieval time, Oslo was named 'Ánslo' or 'Áslo' and later 'Óslo' or 'Opslo'. In 1624 the city was largely destroyed by a large fire, but King Christiaan IV from Denmark and Norway, had the city moved a little tot the west and rebuild and gave it the name Christiania after himself.
A small part remained Oslo. According to the official spelling reforms that changed the 'ch' into 'k', The name was changed into Kristiania in 1877. In the same year, Christiansand changed in to Kristiansand as well. In 1925 the name Kristiania was changed back in to Oslo. The Original part of Oslo in the east was called Gamle Oslo or Gamlebyen from then on.