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  • 2023 July 16, map 34, page 85 - Ås Gjestehus is permanently closed
    The pilgrims accommodation Ås Gjestehus (nr. 78) is permanently closed.
  • 2023 May 24, map 16, page 55 - Camping Fjellstad is permanently closed
    Camping og Hyttesenter Fjellstad (nr. 27), near Sundby, appears to be permanently closed. The website is no longer there and the phone is disconnected.
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  • 2023 July 15 - Departure times ferry between Stabbestad and Kragerø
    The timtable of this ferry have changed. Click on the picture to enlarge:
  • 2023 May 10, page 24 - Mistake in elevation profile
    Lillesand is listed in the chart at 25 km. This should be at 40 km.
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  • 2023 May  9 - Railway track work
    There will be no direct trains between Kristiansand and Oslo between June 24, 2023 and August 7, 2023, because of works between Kongsberg and Asker. Buses run from Nordagutu stasjon to Asker stasjon. It is not sure if bicycles are allowed on these replacement buses.

The guide only lists campsites and pilgrim accommodations that have associated themselves with the Tunsbergleden and the Borgleden. The list below are places to stay overnight marked as tips by cyclists. Do you also have a tip? Then send a message via Contact.

  • 2023 May 4 - AirBnB
    On page 6 of the guidebook, there is a picture of a small cabin on a lake. This hut can be booked through AirBnB. It is very primitive though without water, gas, toilet and electricity. You can cook on wood.
    Location: Dypvågveien 615, 4912 Gjeving, Norway
    Click here to book.