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Note These additions are only relevant for the Engelish guide Gudbrandsdalsleden. For the Dutch guide Het Olavspad, go to Aanvullingen.

An up-to-date accommodation list can be found at Accommodations Gudbrandsdalsleden.

  • 2024-02-22 - New accommodation in Elverum (30 km east of Hamar)
    It is a bit off the route, but for those who don't mind:
    Connie Wulp Lerdal
    P.Chr. Asbjornsensvei 7
    2407 Elverum
    T +47 98839750
    Connie: I have a guest room that can accommodate two people, and there is a smaller room for one person. Guests usually arrive in the late afternoon, and they can use a private shower, and receive breakfast the next morning before continuing.
    • In addition to accommodation, Connie also offers a parking space to leave the car for a while. Click here and look at the 'Tip' for more information.
    • Hamar-Elverum cycling route: download GPX (31 km).
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The guide only lists campsites that have associated themselves with The St. Olav's Way (with a few exceptions). The list of campsites below are campsites marked as tips by cyclists. Do you also have a tip? Then send a message via Contact.

  • Heggeryd gard og camping in Harpefoss
    This campsite is located between Hundorp and Vinstra, on map 141. GPS coordinates: (61.5756452, 9.8707206).
    Message of a cyclist: you are beautifully positioned among fruit trees


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