Important The pack of GPS-tracks is provided for personal use only. Making any tracks available to the public, for example by uploading to public websites and/or social media, is prohibited and in breach with copyright laws.

  • Gudbrandsdalsleden: via QR-code in the guide; or in the Route-App (scroll down)
  • Kristians route: via QR-code in the guide;
  • Korte Fietsroutes: see Route-App (scroll down);
  • Other routes: these routes are still under development. See the relevant routes under Cycling routes.


appThere are two routes by Via Gaia available in the Route-app of the Fietsvakantiewinkel:

1. Het Olavspad / Gudbrandsdalsleden
2. Korte routes in Noorwegen / Short route in Norway

The Fietsvakantiewinkel is a Dutch shop for everything you need for your cycling holiday. And they have a great app for (offline) navigation! The app itself is free, but you buy the routes individually for the price of a cappuccino.

Download in de App-Store van Apple
Download in de Play Store van Google.

Important: the app is in Dutch and currently the Via Gaia routes and the EOS Cycling routes have both Dutch AND English text.

There is an instruction in English, but read this first:

The All-in-1 Cycling Route App

The Dutch Fietsvakantiewinkel has a route app that you can use to get started on long-distance cycle routes. It is an all-in-1 app. It's like a digital cycling guide that you can use on your smartphone to start cycling easily and without errors. In addition to the route on the very clear map, the app also offers hundreds of functions to provide you with all the comfort and help you need: accommodation, restaurants, bike shops, POI, etc.

The big advantage of this app is convenience: it is very simple and easy to use. Nothing could be simpler. No technical skills required. Download and start in 15 seconds. No more hassle with loose GPS tracks and files.

Important: The route Gudbrandsdalsleden in the app is in addition to and not a replacement for the guidebook*. There are many references to the guidebook, so you will need it for useful (background) information and directions.

* The guide in this case is the English guide 'Gudbrandsdalsleden'. The app can also be used with the Dutch guide Het Olavspad, although the page numbers are not correct. The big advantage is that all changes and updates to the route are in the app.

Why this app?

  • Official routes - official tracks
    The cycling routes in the app are not random routes. They are the official routes that are included in the often widely sold official cycling guides. So the tracks and information are always up-to-date and VERIFIED. The guide and the tracks are constantly updated.
    The routes come from renowned route makers such as Europafietsers, Stichting Recreatief Fietsen, Fietsvakantiewinkel or well-known route makers such as Gea van Veen and Eric van der Horst. You won't find more reliable and up-to-date information in any other app.
  • The simplicity
    Sure, there are other route apps out there, but we decided to go for simplicity. What the APP offers is easy to use and recognizable to everyone.
  • By cyclists for cyclists. Interactive opportunities. Will you join us?
    The app is really meant to be "by cyclists for cyclists". This is where the facilities are chosen. And perhaps more importantly, you can really rate everything, every campsite, every eatery, etc. Great fun and great for the cyclists who follow you. You will also undoubtedly benefit from other people's comments. You can leave your comments at all facilities. What if the route is closed due to flooding? Record an alternative route so that you can help other cyclists. Or a new facility you have discovered is also possible. Think of a bed and breakfast, a nice bakery, etc. In this way, the route in the app becomes more and more complete and valuable.
  • No one will ever have to ask: is this the latest edition? By definition, you have the latest print and the most recent edition.

The perfect route planner?

As far as facilities are concerned, there are more than enough to make the route enjoyable. We have no illusions that we are complete, it is simply impossible to organize, but above all it is not necessary. You won't be waiting for two supermarkets on the same street. So think of it as a kind of comprehensive base, your digital cycling guide. It can also happen that something is in the wrong category or the coordinates are wrong. What you can do is help others. You can send it through the app within a minute. And it will only get better and better, but we need you.

Route-App Fietsvakantiewinkel from Fietsvakantiewinkel on Vimeo.


To show you how easy and convenient the app is to use, with all the features that come with it, an example route has been created in the Netherlands (Lower Rhine - Heuvelrug route). This can be downloaded free of charge. This way, you can see for yourself how easy and user-friendly the app is. The app can be used in both directions. The navigation screen adapts itself.

Was it too complicated because it was in Dutch? Well, let me help you with instructions in English:

(You can click on the pictures to enlarge)

app handleiding 1

Download in de App-Store van Apple
Download in de Play Store van Google.

  • When you open it, you will see some messages (Not necessarily in this order):
    1. Dear user, in order to install the application, it is necessary to allow access to galleries and multimedia content. This is only for storing images and maps during use without an internet connection. The application does not access your content or personal information in any way.
    The App also has access to your location to help you navigate routes on a map. Have a safe journey!
  • Click NEXT
  • The translation of the next message is:
    2. Allow Fietsvakantiewinkel to use your location?
  • Click 'Toestaan' (= Yes), or 'Bij gebruik van de app' (= Allow while using app)
  • The translation of the next message is:
  • 3. Would you like to give the Fietsvakantiewinkel access to photos, media and files on your device?
  • Click 'Toestaan' (= Yes)


app handleiding 2Well, Dutch looks easy here ;-)

For you, as a non-Dutch speaker, the first three in the list are relevant:

'Beschikbare routes' shows all the routes available in the app,
'Offline routes' are the routes you have downloaded for offline use,
'Account', here you can change your personal settings.

Always create an account before buying routes! With iOS, it is possible to buy routes without an account, but the chance of losing them are real. As soon as you uninstall and reinstall the app, everything is gone. When you create an account first, so you can always get the routes back that you bought.

  • Go to 'Account' in the menu
  • Click on Registreren (= To register)

app handleiding 3

Translation/explenation of the words you will see while creating an account:

  • app handleiding 4Voornaam = First name
  • Achternaam = Sur name / Family name
  • Schermnaam = Screen name: this must be a unique name. If you are unable to create an account, it is usually because the username already exists. Please choose a more illogical one.
  • Gebruikersnaam = User name: use your email address
  • Wachtwoord = Password: The password must be at least 6 characters long and can include the following characters: (a-z, A-Z, 0-9) and the following symbols: -_./\
  • Bevestig wachtwoord = Confirm password
  • And click again on Registreren.

Congratulation! Now you have an account!

If you now go to Account in the menu, or maybe you're still there, you see the following:

app handleiding 5

  • Registreer uw aankopen = Register your purchases (recommended!). If you click, you will receive this message:
    You can link your purchases to this account to access your purchased content on other devices. Continue?
    Click on 'Ja' (yes)
  • Uitloggen = To log out
  • Profiel verwijderen = Delete profile/account

At the top right you will see a little pencil. You can update your personal details here. Just by tapping on your name, sure name and screen name. Click on Bijwerken (= Update)

You can also change your password.

  • Nieuw wachtwoord = New password
  • Wachtwoord moet minstens 6 tekens lang zijn = The password must be at least 6 characters long
  • Bevestig wachtwoord = Confirm password

Click on Wijzig wachtwoord (= Change password)

To search a route, go to Menu -> Beschikbare routes (= Available routes)

app handleiding 6You can search by Country, by Number of kilometres or by Route makers. You can also search on the map, therefore you have to click on the small map icon at the top right. If you are curious about what routes are out there, all these search options are very useful. Just try it...

Note that if you open a route, you can't see details, but just a map and a Dutch description of the route and the option to purchase the route. After purchasing, you see all the tracks and detailed information.

app handleiding 7

Now we are going to search for Gudbrandsdalsleden. Since you already know that you have to search in Norway, 'Search by country', the Flags symbol, is the most convenient option.

app handleiding 8

  • Click on the symbol with the flags on the left side.
  • Choose for the beautiful Norwegian flag.
  • And click on Het Olavspad / Gudbrandsdalsleden and there it is!

If you click on alles lezen (= read all), and you scroll down, you'll find the English text.

 N.B. Only the descriptions of the routes from Via Gaia and EOS Cycling are currently translated in English. After clicking 'alles lezen' (= read all), you have to scroll down.

And now I hope you would like to cycle the route, so let's go to purchase.

  • Click on the orange button with the shopping basket.
  • And now it depends on your personal settings how you can do your in-app purchases, so hopefully it will work itself out in terms of payment.
  • The green button Herstel aankopen is useful if you already have an account, but you have an other or a new device. When you reinstall the app, open it and log in, you can use this button to reactivate previously purchased routes. You won't have to buy them again.

app handleiding 13app handleiding 14

Congratulations! You just bought your first route.

I know that you can't wait to cycle, but it might be a good idea to take a look first on how to use the app for navigation, or how to search for services.

The app can also be used when you are offline. You can download the tracks in advance (at home) using Wifi. So you don't need to use data on the road.

app handleiding 9Okay, let's go to the Gudbrandsdalsleden. You have just purchased the route, so you will also see the associated tracks/stages. In Dutch it's called Trajecten (1 traject, 2 trajecten). There are a lot of them, and it may look a bit cluttered. But when you open a track, you can read at the bottom which track you should continue on. And sometimes it says that at the end of a track you can choose between two tracks before continuing.

When arriving in Oslo by ferry or train, Stage O is the first track that you can use to get to the start of the route. So, let's download this one first.

  • Click on the track. (By the way, you can use the app online, but that uses your data budget.)
  • Click on the download icon at the top right. You will see this message:
    Download track
    You can download this tra
    ck by pressing OK. To do this, you need to be connected to the internet. After downloading, you can use this track/stage offline.
  • Click on OK. It can take a while, so take your time for every single track.
  • After downloading, the download icon at the top right is orange instead of grey.

 app handleiding 10aapp handleiding 10bapp handleiding 10c

If you go back to the overview of all the tracks, you will see that the icon is also placed after the name of the track you have downloaded.

app handleiding 11

You can now find the route in Menu -> Offline routes (also even if you have download only one track).

The app includes facilities such as campsites, hotels, bike repair shops, etc. These are not visible when you open a route. Want to know where there is a supermarket? Or a campsite? Or what ever? Open a route and click on the icon with the coloured dots at the top right.

You will now see an overview of all the facilities. You can click on as many as you like, but if you click on everything it can get a bit cluttered and confusing.

app handleiding 16aapp handleiding 16bapp handleiding 16c

If you click on an icon, for example a campsite, you will see all the details available on that campsite.

app handleiding 17aapp handleiding 17bapp handleiding 17c

You can add a review yourself by clicking on the icon with the plus sign at the bottom right.

app handleiding 18aapp handleiding 18bapp handleiding 18capp handleiding 18dapp handleiding 18e

You are probably on a route when you want to share something. Think about road works, a new bike repair shop, a supermarket...

  • Go to the Navigation screen (see Navigation). Click on the middle icon with the plus sign at the bottom. You will see two options:
    Routewijziging toevoegen, = Add Route Change
    Voorziening toevoegen = Add Facility
  • Click on one of them. In this example, we're going to add a campsite, so click onVoorziening toevoegen, = Add Facility

app handleiding 19aapp handleiding 19b

  • Click on the drop-down menu with the plus sign Selecteer een categorie, = Select a category.
  • You can scroll down through the following options:
    Campings = Campsites
    Afstapmoment = Drop-off point
    ATM machine = ATM
    Horeca = Eatery
    Bezienswaardigheden = Sights
    Supermarkten = Supermarkets
    Fietsenmakers = Bike repair shops
    Logies = Accommodation

app handleiding 19capp handleiding 19d

In this case we choose Horeca. Click on Gereed, = Done

app handleiding 20a

  • Enter the name (naam) in the top field
  • Click Selecteer de locatie = Select the location
  • Once you are at the location at the moment, it is simple: click on the green dot. Once you have made some progress, drag the map with your thumb and index finger to make sure the green ring ends up exactly where you want it, then click on the green ring.

app handleiding 20bapp handleiding 20c

  • Write a message in the large box if you wish.
  • You can add photos if you wish.
  • Click on the green block, Versturen (= Send), at the bottom
  • Your suggestion will appear in the app within a few days.

app handleiding 20d

You can also write a review: go back to the previous step.

Thank you for submitting! This will help keep the app up to date.

If you're missing something or the text is unclear (English is not my native language), please let me know!
If you have any technical problems with the app, you can contact the Fietsvakantiewinkel (they all speak English).

God tur! Enjoy your trip!