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Note: this guide is presently only available in Dutch, but will be published in English in the beginning of 2024. However, the guide is usable in Dutch with help from the information in this article: How to use the guide as a non Dutch-speaker?

A cycling guide in Dutch on the St. Olav’s Way. Published in a format that fits in a bike handlebar bag or in a map sleeve on top. It is spiral bound, so pages can flip over easy. This cycling guide is in full colour, richly illustrated and contains:

  • Seven routes, subdivided in stretches
  • Three extra bicycle routes
  • Maps of the whole route (1:50.000)
  • City maps (1:25.000)
  • Elevation profiles
  • Background information on interesting locations
  • Information on accommodations, bicycle repair shops, (outdoor) shops and eateries
  • All the information you need to plan the route how you want it

Edition: First edition, © 2021
Publisher: Via Gaia, Ter Heijde
Title: Het Olavspad
Subtitle: Gudbrandsdalsleden Noorwegen : Van Oslo naar Trondheim. Fietsgids bij de pelgrimsroute naar Nidaros
Author: Gea van Veen
Content: 248 pages, full colour, pictures and maps
ISBN: 978-90-831026-0-3
Weight: 409 grams
Price: € 24,95

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Travel over six hundred kilometres by bicycle on the trail of the medieval pilgrims from Oslo to Trondheim and discover a Scandinavian camino.

In medieval times the pilgrimage was a variant of mass tourism. Trondheim in Norway was just as an important pilgrimage destination as Santiago, Rome and Jerusalem. The pilgrims travelled by foot to the tomb of the holy Olav in Nidaros, the present day Trondheim. Various routes are made available once more to accommodate the modern (walking) pilgrim. But there is no mass tourism and compared to the route to Santiago de Compostella, it is a oasis of peace. And now, Gea van Veen made a bicycle route for the St. Olavs way from Olso to Trondheim.

The St. Olavs Way crosses the “droplet” of Norway, a country full of clean air and endless nature. You travel past farmland, along the largest lake of Norway, through forest-rich Gudbrandsdal that gets narrower as it gets higher and goes through the rugged and mesmerizing planes of Dovrefjell and descends to the Trondheimfjord and the Nidaros cathedral.

This St. Olavs Way can be combined with the St. Olavs Way through Sweden and a connecting route between both Olavs ways. For more information, take a look at In the footsteps of the Holy Olav.


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