Ferry service to Norway from Eemshaven stops because of mooring issues

The ferry operator Holland Norway Lines (HNL) will no longer ferry from Eemshaven to Kristiansand in Norway, starting mid-April, but from June 1st, the MS Romantica will sail from the other side in the German Emden. In the period of mid-April to June the 1st, the ferry will temporarily sail from Cuxhaven in Germany.

The ferry service from Eemshaven to Kristiansand was introduced last year in April. At first, with much success; the ferry was frequently fully booked. These last few months, the ferry had a lot of trouble with mooring in the harbour of Eemshaven to the point that trips had to be cancelled. Much to the chagrin of the passengers.

The operator therefore decided to search for alternatives for the harbour of Eemshaven which could provide regularity and predictability for the passengers and to guarantee the service. This was found in Germany, where a free mooring place is expected to be available structurally.

Source: HNL and NOS (Dutch)