De Route

  • Distance cycling route 45 km, hiking route 2 km
  • Start/end: Oppdal centrum.
  • Download here the GPS-track.
  • Road survace: paved road
  • Highest point of the stage in metres: 800 m (start is at 500 m)
  • Difficulty: easy. There are ascents, but not steep.
  • Best season: June to September (as long as there is no snowfall);
  • Type of bicycle: a bike with at least seven gears.
  • Crowdedness: the first and last few kilometres you cycle partly along and partly on a fairly busy road. In between, it is very quiet.

The route

Northwest of Oppdall is lake Gjevillvatnet, surrounded by mountains with green slopes and snow-capped peaks. The cycle route there is a tip from Dovrefjell's pilgrim coordinator. It is mainly a 'nice-weather' route, at the lake is an idyllic swimming beach where you can possibly spend the night in a gapahuk (shelter).

The map (click/tap to enlarge) shows you cycling there and back with a different return route south of the lake. It is best to take the Nerskogvegen on the way there and the Osvegen on the way back. That way, the gradients are not too steep.

From Oppdal, you can make a day trip of it. The whole route is 45 kilometres and at the swimming beach you turn back. Just outside Oppdal, opposite Oppdal kirke, is a burial ground, Vang gravfelt. This place lends itself perfectly to a beautiful hike.

En route


At km. 2,5: Oppdal kirke. The church dates from 1651 and replaces a stave church from the Middle Ages. The charming white church building has a lovely interior with lots of wood carving. There is a wooden box from the 13th century that was probably used to store liturgical garments and church textiles. This box was possibly modelled after St. Olav’s shrine. A milestone indicates it is another 153 km for pilgrims to Nidaros (Trondheim).

At km. 2,5,opposite the church, on the other side of the road: Vang gravfelt. People counted more than 750 burial mounds from the Viking Age here which makes Vang gravfelt Norway’s largest burial place in ancient times. There is a walk through this parklike terrain that takes thirty minutes. Click/tap on the map to enlarge.

At km. 30.7 (on the way back) you have a great view if you turn into Kanniksætrevegen for a while, about 700 metres.


There is a toilet building at Oppdal kirke and one at the (bicycle) car park at Vang

Drinking water

Apart from the above-mentioned toilets, there is no drinking water anywhere on the route. Bring enough with you from Oppdal

Food and drinks

Bring food and drink from Oppdal (several supermarkets). You may be able to get some along the way at a small supermarket just off route, on the Festavegen (see map and GPS track).


There are several hotels, B&Bs and pilgrims' accommodation in Oppdal (see also these list)

 Photo's cycling route


Photo's Vang gravfelt