Here you can read travel blogs of other cyclists who traveled over this route. If you have a blog about this route (even in your own language), and like us to link to it? Let us know through the Contact form.

nidarosdomen optweewielen.nlA blog has been written on the website On Two Wheels about the creation of this route in the summer of 2021.

"Last night I was camping at a wonderful lake, an event at which was greeted with enthusiasm by the local residence: composed of bloodthirsty mosquitoes. The second the bicycle was set aside, they came at my in hordes drooling and wearing bibs around their necks. I rushed to put on my mosquito net over my head and cover myself with mosquito deterrent spray. Good thing that actually works, as they scurry away once they get a whiff of the smell. Then again, it might also because I don't exactly smell like roses anymore."