Travel stories

Here you can read travel blogs of other cyclists who traveled over this route. If you have a blog about this route (even in your own language), and like us to link to it? Let us know through the Contact form.

nidarosdomen optweewielen.nlA blog has been written on the website On Two Wheels about the creation of this route in the summer of 2020.

"These last couple of days were best described as "Tur de Stabbur!" (pronounce like you will). I got to see one stabbur after another and the next stabbur was more beautiful than the last. Sometimes they were gone and next you get to see them, one after another. I even encountered a tiny one. In case you're wondering what kind of animal of plant I'm talking about (it does have legs!), then I'll have to disappoint you..."


nidarosdomen optweewielen.nlIn 2021 the author cycled the St. Olav's Way again, but this time with her partner.

"Look Remy, there is the robotic lawn mower that wanted to attack me!”
Remy walks to it as if he wanted to have a word with it. It’s not every day you get to see a monster that wanted to devour your wife.
Then I hear to my astonishment: “Better luck next time buddy!”
What!? If it weren’t for the fact that he toils the heavy stuff around on his bicycle, I would have continued on my own again."

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