Trolls, in Norway you'll see them sooner or later. Does that mean they actually exist? Well, if you go through various sources, one would think they don't, since a troll is described as mythical creature. And mythical creatues have that aspect of existing in myths only.
Myth or not, as you cycle between Oslo and Trondheim over the St. Olav’s Way, you get to see a lot of indications of their existence, so you'll need a strong sense of reallity to maintain a sceptical mind about their existence!

Troll boroughs:

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In Scandinavian mythology trolls are giant ugly and unfriendly creatures. They're slow and lethargic, but very strong. And not the least important part: they eat people!
Luckily during the day, you won't have to fear them, since they're hiding far away from the population. They turn to stone in sun light and can't bare the sound of church bells.

Spotted along the St. Olav's Way. Could it be trolls?:

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Mythical or not, there are plenty of evidence of their existence: the large amount of rock blocks spread around the area for instance.
When trolls hear the church bells at night, they'll do anything to silence them. The preferred method is throwing large rocks at the church towers. Forgunately the trolls are very bad at aiming: therefore most church towers are still standing, but villages, cities and the countryside are littered with rocks:

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Another piece of evidence are the rock formations with sometimes strange shapes which could be actual petrified trolls. The best known in Norway - and unfortunately far off the route - is Trolltindane, which can be reached via Trollstigen. According to the tale, it was a large group of trolls heading to a wedding. It took them longer than expected and were turned to this rockformation at the first ray of sunlight.

uitgelicht trollen 1Trolltindane

If you cycle the St. Olavs Way, you'll go through Sjoa with a large troll village Trollbygda next to a gas station. You'd get the impression that trolls are a myth afterall since the wooden trolls appear friendly standing still at the picnic benches and houses. Completely harmless. although, there is a sign at a sleeping troll called Herman which says you may not wake him...:

Trollbygda, SjoaTrollbygda, SjoaTrollbygda, SjoaTrollbygda, SjoaTrollbygda, SjoaTrollbygda, SjoaTrollbygda, SjoaTrollbygda, SjoaTrollbygda, Sjoa

Now... are trolls a myth or not?
If you travel the alternative route along the fjord, between Fannem and Børsa, you reach an actuall troll forest (trollskoven) just before Orkanger. Via a meandering trail you'll reach a clearing in the forrest with wooden cabins, picnic tables and a real troll throne! There's no troll in sight though. then again that says nothing. Remember that they cannot stand sunlight? So...

Trollskoven, OrkangerTrollskoven, OrkangerTrollskoven, OrkangerTrollskoven, OrkangerTrollskoven, Orkanger