The St. Olav’s Way has a wonderful alternative route for the bicycle through the Orkladalen. This (level!) route passes Orkla first and then fjord-arm Gualosen. Before you arrive at the fjord, you’ll go through Orkanger. A town with an old steam engine house and a remarkable stave church….

uitgelicht orkanger0Little Norway / Thamspaviljongen

The Thams-pavilion, also know as Little Norway is a replica of a stave church and the Norwegian submission for the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. The building was constructed as prefab by Christian Thams in Orkanger and transported to the US. It was the beginning of an adventurous journey for the pavilion. After the end of the exposition, the pavilion moved and changed from owner a number of times. In 2012 a delegation from Orkanger collected money to buy back Little Norway and bring is ‘home’. The project was therefore called “Prosjekt Heimatt”. In 2015 began the dismantlement and the shipped the church to Orkanger. After 123 years, Little Norway was back home and two years later, they celebrated the official opening.


Christian Thams had a mill and lumber business in Orkanger which burned down in 1872. His son Marentiums took the company over and built a large brick building for a large steam engine, Dampmaskinehuset.

In 2011 the house was bought by Iren and Eduard Poort with the intention to use this historical place for events. During the remodelling in 2013 workshop equipment photo’s and even and a work hours log. from the beginning of the 20th century were found. From 2020 onwards the Damphuset – short for Dampmaskinehuset – serves as e restaurant. A wonderful place for a break at the (alternative route of the) Saint Olavs way.

For more information: The website of Damphuset

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