This impressive fortress is situated on a hill east of the city of Trondheim and was constructed in 1681 after the great fire in the city, to protect it from attacks from the east. Construction was completed in 1685 and offered protection from the Swedish troops in 1718.

The fortress offers a spectacular view over Trondheim and the surrounding area: the fjords and the mountains. During the second world war the fjord was used by the nazi’s. In the middle of the fjord near the ecumenical chapel is a place where 23 Norwegian patriots were executed by the nazi’s.

These days Kristiansten Festning is a national heritage, with a dungeon and a museum as the primary items for site-seeing. The fortress is surrounded by a large recreation area which is publicly accessible. The flag which is visible from most places in the city, is raised when the fortress is opened. The gates are open every day of the year.

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