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Important: never use the official hiking route for cycling! It can sometimes look attractive to bikepackers or mountain bikers, for example, but don't do it. The bicycle route has not been adjusted there for nothing: you can damage vulnerable nature or come into conflict with hikers.
And in the most cases: it's not even possible because of fences or other barriers.

The route is divided into several sections. The guide shows which track to use for each section.

Caution: please, do not use the tracks without the guide! Cause:

  • The guide describes an alternative route on some sections, so that you can make the right decision as to whether or not to stay on the main route or prefer an alternative route after all.
  • The facilities are shown on the maps in the guide and not on the tracks. Especially when planning daily distances, it is useful to know which facilities you may encounter that day.
  • At the accommodation facilities connected to the St. Olav's Way, the guidebook provides the information you need to spend the night there. For example: whether or not you need to make a reservation, the key code to enter unattended accommodation, whether you need the pilgrim pass, and so on.

Tip 1: the guide is not translated (yet) in English. You can use a translation app with a camera function to read the Dutch text in the guide.
In this article, How to use the guide as a non Dutch-speaker, you can find the explanation on how to use the Dutch guide. Including the translation of the most important parts. For example: how to read and use the maps.

Tip 2: before starting with the bicycle trip, check if there is a newer version of the tracks.

Download the tracks in GPX-format for the St. Olav's Way (please, do not share or post it publicly on other sites/apps since is can change without notice):


zipOostroute (last modification: 29-05-2023)
zipWestroute (last modification: 12-08-2022)
zipGudbrandsdalen (last modification: 13-02-2023)
zipDovrefjell (last modification: 19-08-2022)
zipTrøndelag (last modification: 10-03-2022)

zipExtra bicycle routes (last modification: 10-03-2022)

Track names

The guide shows which file to use for which stage. These names turned out to be too long for some devices and contain characters that Windows cannot handle (not a problem for Apple and Linux).
The names have been changed and shortened for this reason, but are still recognizable. For example, Alternative has been shortened to Alt. And Extra route has been omitted from the name. Oost (East) is O and West is W.

For the special Scandinavian letters, the official alternative has been chosen (ø = oe, å = aa, æ = e).